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Honey from the mountains of Bulgaria. 100% Natural.
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Let’s bee friends and drizzle some colour, vibrancy and sweetness into our lives.
Just taste me and I promise, you will love me forever!

My honey is made from the golden nectar of a rich variety of florae and herbs. It is collected diligently by the busy bees, living in the small, family-run apiaries, nestled in the mountains of Bulgaria. What makes my honey authentic is its distinctive and full-bodied taste, created by the unique and diverse array of plants growing in those mountains. My honey is harvested during the sunny and warm months from May through to September.

The journey of creating my honey is both sweet and magical. I enjoy immersing myself in the experience with the family beekeepers, visiting their hives, peeking into their unique worlds and, of course, tasting the yummy honey!

The beauty of my honey is that every jar is unique. The consistency, colour, flavour and fragrance of the honey are all influenced by the variety and seasonality of the plants that grow in the Bulgarian mountains. It is nature manifesting itself in its most unique and unpredictable ways.

The Pink Lady Bee honey is sourced ethically, ensuring goodness is shared amongst all. The life of my honey is dedicated to supporting breast cancer causes and while on the UK market, £1 of the proceeds of every purchased jar will go to breast cancer causes FOREVER!

my story

Isn’t life beautiful when there is love, passion and purpose?

This is how The Pink Lady Bee was born, out of a desire to live fully and help others. I can only thank God, the Tao, divine magic or just my beginner’s luck for discovering my own way to true happiness and enlightenment.

My story is the one of many spirited and courageous women, who share my experience in their own, unique and powerful way. Two breast cancer diagnosis, one at the young age of 28 and the second one, ten years later, taught me how to love life ardently. Having felt the emotional and physical pain, which comes along with such an eye-opening revelation, I decided to follow my gut. I stepped out of a well-trodden career path into something truly adventurous. Being immersed in the presence of nature’s soul and its every living being is a true blessing.

I hope that The Pink Lady Bee is here to stay, not only as a luscious honey, but also as a symbol of the strength for all who go through the challenges of fighting cancer. £1 of the proceeds of every purchased jar will go to breast cancer causes FOREVER!

my philosophy

Live fully, healthily and vibrantly and help people achieve this for themselves!
Giving to communities

I have chosen to support Breast Cancer UK, as they are the only charity, whose great work is focused on breast cancer prevention through healthy lifestyle choices. £1 of the proceeds of every purchased jar is donated to the charity. The Pink Lady Bee honey is sourced ethically from the family beekeepers, ensuring goodness is shared amongst all.

Natural product

The Pink Lady Bee honey is 100% natural honey, as the bees have made it. It is harvested in the Bulgarian nature reserves, free from industrial farming. The beekeepers are involved into the whole production process from collecting the honeycomb from the hives to manually extracting, filtering and jarring the harvest ready for you.

Eco packaging

I am a plastic free business. I make my own packaging by reusing shredded paper and cardboard boxes. My labels are printed in accordance with EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), using 100% renewable energy, producing zero waste to landfill and maintaining negative net carbon footprint at all times.

Green distribution

The Pink Lady Bee honey is being distributed to markets, shops and bakeries by The Pink Lady Bee (Babboe) Cargo bike, within a radius of 9 miles. I believe this to be a great way of contributing positively to the environment, reducing congestion, benefitting communities and keeping fit.

The Pink Lady Bee is committed to the environment
The labels printed using 100% green technology are:
Printed by SEACOURT – proud to be committed amongst the top environmental printers in the world

my purpose

Let’s give ourselves the best chance of a healthy and happy life!

I fought breast cancer for my own personal reasons. I saw how wonderful life was through the eyes of my beloved son, my loving family, my beautiful friends, the happy stranger. I want to continue fight it, together with you, for everyone else to see it through those eyes.
Over the period of my treatments and remissions, since 2009, I started introducing healthy and sustainable habits into my life. I, alone felt, I needed a change, something wasn’t right with me, I wasn’t in alignment with my true self. I gave my soul and spirit the opportunity to grow, following my heart and purpose. I started exercising, and enjoying my hobbies. I have fun boxing, I am an adventurous snowboarder and in between I relax with yoga and meditation. I eat wholesome and nutritious food. I am becoming more informed about the harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides on our health and this has led to changing my consumer choices to products that are naturally derived.

I strongly feel that lifestyle could be directly related to the occurrence of cancer. Latest research by Breast Cancer UK indicates that one in four breast cancers could be prevented through lifestyle choices. The Pink Lady Bee has chosen to support Breast Cancer UK as they are the only charity, whose work is focused on prevention. I deeply share their values and encourage all to join them in their effort. Their crucial work is focused in the following areas:
– campaigning for better legislation and public health policies, to help us reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals;
– supporting scientific research around the links between breast cancer and exposure to carcinogenic, hazardous and endocrine disrupting chemicals;
– providing intelligence to the public so that we can make well-informed choices, about food, cosmetics, cleaning and other materials and substances, used in everyday life.

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