Bulgarian RAW HONEY

July 2019
Raw Honey 400g


I am a polyfloral summer bouquet, lovingly produced, following the age-old, bee-keeping traditions, in the mountains of Sredna Gora, a European conservation area for a diverse number of birds. I was harvested in July 2019.

I have a thick and settled consistency with slightly grainy texture due to the natural process of crystallization, which has been occurring within the past few months since harvest. My colour is burnt orange and I have a warm, caramel flavour with a mixture of butterscotch and citrus aftertaste.

More about me…
I have the soul of nature, and my story is one of love. I am ethically sourced from small, family-run apiaries, snuggled in the beautiful, flora-abundant mountains of Bulgaria. I am traditionally harvested from the beehives and poured into my jar, raw, unblended and unpasteurised. I am full of nutritional goodness, rich in living enzymes and natural vitamins. I will turn into crystals over time, because I am the real thing. Just soak me in warm water of 40 °C or less for a while to turn me runny again.

Enjoy me on toast, in warm drinks, smoothies, yoghurts, salads, marinades, puddings, your homemade lemonade or see our yummy recipes.

Please keep me cool and in the dark. I am not suitable for little tots under 18 months. I am at my best before July 2020.

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